Monday, July 9, 2012

Squirt Brings Joy

Well let me tell you!! Joy does come in the morning. My precious 15 year old granddaughter is going to the mountains with me for four days. Four whole days just the two of us!! I am beside myself with joy! She is a petite strawberry blond, blue-eyed dancer who loves her friends and the Lord. This young lady use to spend almost very Friday night with me and Pop. What a joy that was, then alas we were replaced some of the time by her friends which are legion. So tomorrow I am in Heaven being with this precious girl for this special time. Her Uncle Jay called her Squirt and he loved her so much and she has his ease of laughter and the art of making and loving her friends. He would be soooo proud. She helps to bring the joy every morning even when I struggle to see it. Thank you Lord for the joy I have and anticipate in being with our "Squirt". Uncle,she would make you proud!!!

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